“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

– World Health Organization, 1948

Sierra Exif JPEGTaus Wellness Center has been providing counseling and psychotherapy to Individuals, couples and families living in the South Bay area, since 2008.

The following is an overview of our services:


Individual psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration. During these individual sessions, time is spent working on current challenges experienced by the individual, and on personal goals. The overall focus is on assisting and supporting individuals in their journey to health and happiness.


Couples psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Couples counseling is beneficial and well suited to any couple that is inspired and motivated to deepen the loving bond between each other. The overall focus is on assisting and supporting the healthy growth of a relationship that yields a more meaningful and rewarding partnership.


Family psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration.  Family therapy is a wonderful way to deepen family bonds and friendships amongst each other, and create a deeper understanding of one another by improving listening and communication skills. The overall focus is on assisting and supporting families in healing and the continued cultivation of healthy, loving and rewarding relationships.


Group therapy sessions are 60-90 minutes in duration. Group therapy is a fantastic and productive way to learn more about yourself, and the world around you. It is also a wonderful way to amplify and speed up your therapeutic gains, while also giving yourself the opportunity to garner added support from others.


One of the unique benefits of Taus Wellness Center is the opportunity to work through issues using Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT). ETT is a new form of therapy that rapidly alleviates emotional distress, as well as physical pain. The term “transformation” refers to the unusual degree of change that occurs when ETT is used. This mode of treatment has the capacity to bypass the intellect and directly change human emotions. This mode of treatment employs the use of color and light, which has been shown to have positive psychological effects that go beyond those associated with traditional talk therapy.